Area Code 347 in New York - NY

The 347 Area Code (or Area Code 347) is located in the state of NY. Area Code 347 is one of the 269 3-digit telephone area codes in the USA. It covers roughly 1.58 million unique phone numbers and 3.09 million individuals near the city of Brooklyn

Area code 347 was put into service. Area code 347 is an overlay of area codes 718 and a portion of 917.

State: New York - NY
Major City: Ridgewood
Land area: 468.484 sq mi (1,213.37 km2)
New York - NY, The average home value is $966K.
New York - NY, The average resident's age is 55 y/o.
New York - NY, Income average is $47.2K.
State Population in Area Code 201: 8,550,405.
Latitude: Unknown Longitude: Unknown
Time zone in Area Code 201: Eastern 23:33:02.
Major Cities in Area Code 347: Brooklyn, NY>New York City, NY>Queens, NY>Staten Island, NY

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