The privacy of people who view and visit this site is very important and this is the reason why we protect their data properly. reverse imposes this privacy policy to make sure we utilize the gathered data from our users/visitors appropriately. Same thing when they submit personal data or information.

For individuals who view and read content from our website, they need to respect the privacy policy we implement during their visit.

Gathering of Information

Usually, we collect important data or information from people who visit here like complete name, location, citizenship, email address and gender among others. However, we only collect the date if these people agree to send them to us and not without permission. When using the data or information we collect, this is only for the purpose of completing their request upon visiting and viewing this site.

Gathering or Checking Internet Cookies

To make sure we meet the required compliance when evaluating and collecting web cookies, we follow the conditions and even ask cookie consent from visitors who comes from the EU. We always follow this important consideration to track down our visitors or users better. The most important data we check and gather from the visitors or users include the browser and OS (operating system). By doing this, it is not difficult to check the number of visitors or users who view and use our website from the data we collect. The purpose when we utilize the information is to become more visible online and enhancing our services.

Information or Data Sharing

The sharing of information or data only manifest between reverse, governing agencies and service providers with certain agreement when processing the requests. We may share them to other parties with agreement to us, but only under the permission of the law.

Alteration of Privacy Policy

We have the authority to change our privacy policy at our own discretion without any consent.